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(SFw) Engaging in Performance Discussions Positively (for Appraisee)

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The workplace is potentially a great place to learn and develop ourselves, since most of our time are spent there as a working adult. In fact, it is estimated that about 70% of learning as a professional takes place on the job, with 20% through interaction and collaboration and 10% through formal structured learning.

The practice of performance review and appraisal discussions, which are common in many organisations, offers great opportunities for an employee to grow and develop himself professionally. In fact, these discussions are important to the employees as they get to understand the state of their progress, what it takes to move forward, as well as how their supervisors, as their coaches and appraisers, assess their performance.

We, as employees, can and should therefore, engage ourselves and make use of such discussions to benefit ourselves, and to seek self-improvement to fulfil our career aspirations and development.

This programme will equip you with an understanding of your role in managing your work performance, help you to appreciate the performance management processes and identify opportunities to leverage on performance discussions to improve yourself, initiate regular self-reflection using a simple yet effective framework and finally, know how you can be involved to make the performance discussions more conducive, positive and meaningful for your own professional growth.

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:
- establish clarity in your own performance expectations in your job roles and as a professional
- engage your supervisor constructively and positively during work review and appraisal discussion to learn and improve on the job
- identify and prioritise your own learning needs and areas of improvement
- initiate self-reflection on a regular basis and apply learning for personal and professional improvement

Who should attend
- Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) who wish to take more ownership and have more control over their work performances and professional growth
- Employees who are new to the organisation or to their job roles who aspire to do well at work

The training programme will be delivered through a combination of e-learning, interactive short lectures, videos, fun-quizzes, individual and group exercises, sharing and discussions, case-studies, and guided reflection to achieve the desired learning outcome.

Upon successfully demonstrating competence in all the knowledge and skills requirements, you will be awarded a Statement of Attainment (SOA) by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG).

Blended learning
Duration: 10 hours
- 7 hours facilitated workshop
- 2 hours e-learning
- 1 hours assessment


1. Understanding Expectations Required from Me as a Professional
- What does it mean to be a professional?
- How does performance management help me grow as a professional?
- Overview of performance management cycle
- What is the performance expectation of my current job role?
- How do I align my work behaviour to the desired behavioural expectations of my organisation?

2. Learning & Performing on the Job
- Why is self-reflection critical to growing as a professional?
- How to do self-reflection?
- How can I tap on resources and support at the workplace to grow?
- How do I engage my supervisors positively and constructively during appraisal to determine my performance and how to progress forward?

3. Deciding What I can Do to Grow Further Professionally
- How can I plan, prioritise and monitor my own development for career development purpose?

Special Offer

WSQ Course Pricing
SME: S$228.00 (with WTS funding: S$216.00 | with MCES funding: S$228.00)
Non-SME: S$292.00 (with WTS funding: S$216.00 | with MCES funding: S$228.00)
Individuals: S$292.00 (with WTS funding: S$216.00 | with MCES funding: S$228.00)

* Fees shown refers to amount payable, inclusive of 7% GST.

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Oct 13, 2020
09:00 AM — 06:00 PM
Nov 24, 2020
09:00 AM — 06:00 PM
Dec 09, 2020
09:00 AM — 06:00 PM
No. of Days: 1
Total Hours: 10
No. of Participants: 25
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