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Learn to design, prepare and produce a range of Hot & Cold Desserts

Bakes taught:
  1. Souffle
  2. Bavarian Mousse
  3. Fruit Coulis, Sorbet,
  4. Ice Cream
  5. Créme Brulee
  6. Sweet & Savoury Custards
  7. Panna Cotta
  8. Vanilla Sponge
  9. Bomb Alaska

4.5 Days Class
Weekday & Weekend Schedule Available. 
Classes available every month!

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Course Objectives:
  • On completion of the course, learners will be able to:
  • Describe the functionality of ingredients used in making hot & cold desserts
  • Prepare a variety of suitable custard bases for baked and frozen desserts
  • Prepare Gelatin based, Ice Cream and Sorbet Desserts
  • Prepare a range of suitable desserts products using ice cream and sorbet
  • Store and date stamp fillings for food safety aspects
  • Preparation for creams and custards for use in ice cream and soufflé dishes
  • Preparation of Sugar solutions, simple syrup, boiled sugars
  • Prepare a variety of Sorbet items from fruit juices and fruit puree
  • Prepare gelatin-based desserts
  • Handling requirements for use of gelatin in desserts
  • Use of suitable flavours and garnish for quality ice cream
  • Prepare suitable sponge products for use as garnish and base for Bombe items
  • Assemble a range of ice cream-based desserts
  • Finish and garnish items with sauces and creams
  • Refrigeration process for making ice cream and sorbet
  • Understand the principles of overrun and its effect of product quality
  • Apply correct storage procedures for making of ice cream
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