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IPC Advanced Certified Interconnect Designer (CID+)

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Online / Certification
Ended last Jun 16, 2021
SGD  4,599.00


As the PCB design industry moves towards high-density and complex boards, designers are facing issues in areas such as crosstalk, high-speed or EMI. But with little or no knowledge of industry standards and common practices in signal integrity, resolving these problems can be a challenge.

This advanced syllabus covers the essential fundamentals in Impedance Design, Signal Integrity, Layout for Crosstalk Minimization, Power and Ground Routing Techniques, EMI Electromagnetic Interference and Shielding to provide you with skills that are crucial in the current era of electronic system designs. Understand the concepts behind SI and EMI, where they come from and how to control them on a PCB board design to boost system performance.

Pre-requisite: IPC CID (Certified Interconnect Designer) certified

Who Should Attend?

  • Hardware Engineers
  • Electronic Product Designers
  • CAD Layout Designer
  • PCB Designer & DFM PCB Engineers
  • R&D Engineer in Electronics-related Industry
  • Managers and Personnel Involved with Electronics Board Design, PCB Design and Layout

*This is an ONLINE REMOTE TRAINING course.*

Important Information for remote online training
Online Course Duration is changed to 7 days from ordinary 4 days (3 days triaining + 1 day exam) of physical course.

This remote online training (live stream only) spends 6 days of training and the 7th day is the exam. The normal onsite training is 3 days. In view of short online attention span, it is recommended 2.5 to 3 hours of training for AM and PM session. AM session is to be live streamed at 9.30am-12.30pm and PM session is live streamed at 2-4pm. The actual hours may be slightly longer depending on any questions arising from participants. A break interval of 5 min is scheduled after 1 hour of lecture. The training sessions cannot be recorded as per IPC policy on remote online training conducted. Participants are advised to prepare in advance the study guide and to take notes during the remote online live stream training.

More Course Dates:
18 - 26 Oct 2021

Wizlogix, as a proud partner of SHRDC publicises course information on behalf of SHRDC. 

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Training Grants Available! Email us at [email protected] or Call us at +65 6272 6366 for more information & registration!


Design Considerations
  • Board Material Properties
  • Plating Characteristics for Conductors and Holes
  • Surface Finish and Treatment Characteristics
  • Solder Mask/Coating, Material Properties and Compatibility
  • Homogenous Material Performance Capability
  • Assembly Test Implementation
  • Test Points / Land Pattern Feature Differentiation
  • In-Process Test Coupons
  • Highly Accelerated Stress Test Evaluation
  • Management Tools and Techniques for Product Quality Life-Cycle Tracking
Printed Board Characteristics
  • Design Standards to Meet Fabrication and Assembly Goals
  • Fabrication Equipment Board Size Limitations
  • Printed Board Length to Width Relationships
  • Broad from Panel Excising Requirements
  • Copper Balance Effects on Printed Board Fabrication
  • Printed Board Thermal Management Techniques
  • Controlled Expansion Construction using Special Cores
  • Physical Board Dielectric Parameters
  • Non-Standard Mechanical Outline (Case) Integration
  • Individual Board Tooling Considerations
  • Panelization Strategy for Manufacturing Process
  • Blind and Buried Vias
Electrical Parameters
  • Electrical Clearance and Dielectric Spacing
  • Power and Ground Routing Techniques
  • Conductor Current Carrying Capacity vs. Temperature Rise
  • Layout Approaches for Crosstalk Minimization
  • Shielding Techniques to Prevent Signal Emission
  • Test Evaluations for EMI Emissions/Susceptibility
  • General Principals of Impedance Control
  • Signal Integrity Analysis

Component & Assembly Issues
  • Component Comparison Between Area and Peripheral Arrays
  • Component Mounting Strategies
  • Component Assembly Strategy and Sequence Analysis
  • Component Mounting Shock and Vibration Requirements
  • Evaluation of Component Attachment Methods
Dimensioning & Documentation
  • Material List Development
  • Printed Board Tolerance Analysis (Manual vs. Automated)
  • Documentation to Facilitate Design to Fabrication Interface
  • Printed Board and Assembly Data Format Standardization
  • Assembly Repair and Modifcation Tools and Techniques
Certification Test (2.5 hours)

Achieve a passing score of 73% to obtain the Life-time IPC Advanced Certified Interconnect Designers (CID+) certificate.


Ms Cheah Soo Lan was appointed as a PCB Designer Certified CID (2007) and CID+ (2010) Trainer by IPC USA for Southeast Asia, China and India. She was later appointed the Master Trainer (Design-CID) in 2013 under IPC (US) for Asia-Pacific. To-date, she has taught led approximately 400 participants (in Malaysia/Singapore) through the workshop & exam since 2007.

Soo Lan is currently the volunteer co-chairman for IPD Designers Council (Southeast Asia). She helps to promote IPC standards with a focus on technical consulting, professional technical education and content development. With more than 25 years of working experience, Soo Lan has expertise across a broad range of subjects including signal integrity, CAD tools, electrical modelling and characterisations and circuit simulation. In addition to PCB layout design, she is also well versed in Analog IC layout design. Over the years, she has conducted presentations in various conferences as well as workshops and trainings for numerous in-house high-speed design courses. She has also conducted training with many well-known companies in Malaysia and Singapore, including Intel, Avago, Motorola, Plexus, Bose, SOME, Benchmark and more.

Soo Lan graduated with a BEng (Hons) from the University of Essex (UK) in 1993, and an MSc (Microelectronics) from the National University of Singapore in 1999.

Special Offer

Group Discount

A group discount will be awarded if a group of 3 or more participants register. The fees will be lowered to $4,299 per pax.


Jun 08, 2021 - Jun 16, 2021
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
No. of Days: 7
Total Hours: 32
No. of Participants: 30
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