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Gift and Trust of Property

Online Short Course by  Pioneer Training
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Online / Short Course
Ended last May 18, 2024
SGD  40.00


Course Objective
Salespersons will acquire a better understanding of the law and issues relating to gifts and trusts of properties.
With such knowledge, salespersons will also be better equipped to handle and avoid pitfalls and complications arising from transactions involving properties subject to a gift or under a trust


Course will cover
-What is a Gift
-Formalities and Effect of Gifts
-Can a Gift of property be set aside in law?
-A Gift may be voidable
-Bankruptcy of the Donor
-Gift and the Residential Property Act
-Other Issues Relating to Gift of properties
-Implications for purchasers
-Early Development of Trust
-Definition of Trust
-Trust structure
-Uses of Trusts
-Fixed and Discretionary Trusts
-How is a Trust created?
-Implied Trusts of property
-Trust implications for the Salesperson


May 18, 2024
Online Live
Platform: Zoom
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