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Advanced Shutdown and Turnaround Management

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Online / Short Course


Top learning objectives

  • Use proven methods for handling problems with difficult employees, vendors and contractors
  • Avoid pitfalls in decision-making and understand the legal side of shutdowns and planning
  • Develop a master checklist of everything to consider before the shutdown and when to consider it
  • Discover the elements and characteristics that make shutdowns and turnarounds unique so that they demand a different approach from other projects
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current shutdown effort and measure your shutdown efficiency by benchmarking with world-class shutdown strategies
  • Utilize tools and technology that can smoothen the process and create a backbone for effective plant maintenance and reliability
  • Reduce unnecessary cost incurred by properly planning, executing and closing your shutdown
  • Efficiently coordinate contractors and in-house staff to obtain an effective workflow
  • Master the latest best practices in planning, scheduling and CPM method
  • Utilize real-life case studies and exercises to apply and practice what you have learned during the course

Why attend this Masterclass?

Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages is one of the most challenging periods in the industry covering technical challenge, legislation, financial and logistical issues on a large scale, and this is before the consideration of people side with large teams to bring together and motivate. Shutdowns are the most costly and time-consuming of maintenance projects as these lead to loss of production and expenses involved. In reality, the risk on equipment reliability, production integrity and operation efficiency increase due to machinery failure and unscheduled outages. To avoid production delays and costly maintenance repairs, companies are striving to do the shutdown project as effective and efficiently as they can during the first time around.

Salvo Global’s 4-day intensive Masterclass on “Advanced Shutdown & Turnaround Management” is a practical how-to guide in effectively managing the Shutdown and Outage operations. Delegates will master the foundation for implementing, measuring results and successfully applying today’s best practices for Shutdowns and Outages. In addition, delegates will be introduced to the proven Shutdown Master Checklist that Khalil Elhadaui developed over the years and how to effectively utilize it for their shutdown planning and scheduling. This will serve as a foolproof plan for a successful Shutdown project.

Free Takeaway

Participants will receive for all courses: A full participant’s manual, presentation and exercises. Supporting notes, copies of all worksheets and group activities and photographic copies of any relevant flipchart or whiteboard notes.

The participants will be receive a formal recognition certificate for the 4 days training.

"We were struggling in our process mill shutdown, after a formal training and consulting from Mr. Khalil, we overcome the barriers and we structured the shutdown planning according to best in class of shutdown management framework; the final result was exceptional by increasing the uptime over 15% within 6 month ‘’ — Bernard Rioux, Maintenance Manager


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Sr. Manager & Consultant, over 24 years expertise in heavy industry in Maintenance, reliability, project management and operational excellence.  Facilitate over 3000 workshop globally.

The trainer has worked across the world Canada, USA, South-Asia, Middle East and Africa in multi-sector global diverse organizations including OCP, MAAX, Electrolux, ArcelorMittal, CliffsNR, SMEC, Shell, Vale mining, Argo consulting, Nyrstar, Detour Gold,  Advance Petrochemical, Murphy oil, and much More!

Request a copy of the course brochure to know the trainer’s profile. 

Special Offer

GROUP RATE PROMO: Companies sending 3 or more delegates to the course will be eligible for a 10% discount off the regular training fee. Register now!


Feb 14, 2022 - Feb 17, 2022
08:00 AM — 11:00 AM
No. of Days: 4
No. of Participants: 25
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