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Private 1-to-1 sewing classes customised to your specific interest. 


You will learn from taking measurement, drafting, pattern making, cutting the fabric to using the sewing machine to sew your own piece of choice.


Posses a degree in fashion design. Passionate about art and fashion. Besides sewing, also able to teach hand embroidery, crochet & knitting, flower making, jewellery clay art, ceramic clay art, bead work, glass painting, metal embossing & engraving, acrylic painting and oil painting.
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A Trainer in Fashion Design with over 35 years experiences in fashion industry. Nittaya had completed fashion design and dress making advanced course. Working as a fashion designer for an export company that had businesses with more than fifty garment factories in Thailand gave her great exposure in the fashion industry. She has designed bridal gowns for Serangoon Bridal Gown Company and also facilitated fashion design training for more than five hundred secondary students from CHIJ, St Joseph, Yishun Town, Marsiling, Bedok North, Sembawang and Anderson Secondary Schools.
Candy L
156 Tampines Street 12, Singapore 521156
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