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Recorded Webinar: Advanced Preventive and Predictive Maintenance (PMO)

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Watch the recorded session of our live webinar conducted last December 2020. Click the view this course or follow this link (http://salvoglobal.com/edu-course/advanced-preventive-and-predictive-maintenance-webinar/) to register and get the link to the video. 

Maintenance’s key objective is to increase uptime without over-doing maintenance and the challenge lies in how to determine the right mix of Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance. Many organizations also find themselves struggling to put in place an effective Maintenance regime to improve equipment integrity. The concept of Preventive and Predictive maintenance is extensively known, and the potential benefits are widely accepted, but still, many maintenance practitioners have failed to successfully take advantage of the techniques and technology. By mastering techniques like the PF-Curve and Statistical Analysis and the latest condition monitoring techniques, participants will be able to prevent avoidable equipment failures and associated production losses and finally break the reactive maintenance cycle.

Top learning objectives:

  • Analyse and improve your existing maintenance program and eliminate or reduce your current failures
  • Minimize waste in Preventive Maintenance (PM) activity to diminish unnecessary costs
  • Distinguish why PM & PdM fail and how to make it more effective
  • Gain insights into Predictive (PdM) & Condition Monitoring techniques like oil analysis and vibration analysis
  • Develop & analyse task list for different equipment for better planning & scheduling
  • Justify the Cost/Risk/Value for Preventive and Predictive maintenance to sustain management commitment and support
  • Associate CMMS to enterprise software and process control systems to improve maintenance process efficiency

Who should attend?

VPs, Directors, Division Heads, Managers, Superintendents, Specialists, Leaders, Supervisors, Foremen, Planners, Technicians, & Engineers from the following departments:

  •          Maintenance
  •          Engineering
  •          Reliability
  •          Preventive Maintenance planning
  •          Predictive Maintenance planning
  •          Shutdowns & Turnarounds
  •          Planning & scheduling
  •          Rotating Equipment
  •          Static Equipment
  •          Mechanical Engineering
  •          Asset Management
  •          Asset Integrity
  •          Operations
  •          Production
  •          Process
  •          Inspection

From industries including but not limited to:

  • Oil & Gas, Utilities, Manufacturing, Construction, Petrochemicals/Chemicals, Manufacturing, Transportation & Rail, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Mining, Food & Beverages, etc.
  • All other industries that see leadership skills and physical asset management as a factor to business success such as facilities management and operations



  •   Introduction to Reliability management, the prime directive of preventive maintenance.
  •   PM/PdM the path: the effectiveness and alignment of the program.
  •   Proactive Maintenance: get the sense of the proactive maintenance and advantage behind the program


  •   The levels of economic analysis: three levels of economics analysis.
  •   PM: budgeting and Costs: macro view of PM


  •   The four-dimensional of PM.
  •   The six misconceptions of PM.
  •   Task list for P3.
  •   Types of task lists/PM frequency/PM levels.


  •   Introduction to predictive maintenance (PdM).
  •   PdM and CBM.


  •   Defining KPIs: are all indicators efficient to monitor performance?
  •   SMART: outlining objectives and measure performance.
  •   Direct and Indirect measures.: design a PM cart.


  • Sr. Manager & Consultant, over 25 years of expertise in heavy industry in Maintenance, reliability, project management and operational excellence.  Facilitate over 2500 workshops globally
  • Has extensive operations management, maintenance & reliability management, project management, process performance and CI capability
  • Global experience in manufacturing, mining and consulting.  He managed core and supported business functions, strategic project management office
  • Trainer has worked across the world Canada, USA, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East and Africa in multi-sector global diverse organizations
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