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Sounds better : Acquiring crisp Mandarin Pronounciation (Perfecting Your Mandarin Pronunciation)

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At the end of this course, you should be able to:
  • Read the phonetic symbols and use the dictionary to help themselves with long-term learning in English pronunciation
  • Enhance the accuracy, clarity and fluency of their speech in English by applying the various phonology principles and pronunciation-enhancing strategies
Program Outline: 

Part 1: The Fundamentals of Mandarin Sounds
  • Understanding Mandarin, or Putonghua了解现代标准汉语
  • The Hanyu Pinyin Romanisation System 汉语拼音方案
  • Initials 声母
  • Finals 韵母
  • Initials and Finals vs. Consonants and Vowels 声母和韵母对照辅音和元音
  • Dictionary Skills 利用字典改善发音

Part 2: Making Difficult Sounds and Common Mispronunciations 
  • Pronouncing the initials j, q, x 声母j, q, x的发音练习
  • Pronouncing the initials z, c, s 声母z, c, s 的发音练习
  • Pronouncing the initials zh, ch, sh, r 声母zh, ch, sh, r的发音练习
  • Pronouncing the finals i, -i (/ɿ/), i- (/ʅ/) 声韵母i, -i (/ɿ/), i- (/ʅ/) 的发音练习
  • Pronouncing the finals n and ng 前鼻音和后鼻音发音练习
  • Rhotacisation in Mandarin 发音练习
  • Common Mispronunciations 常见的发音错误

Part 3: Tones
  • The Tones in Mandarin 汉语声调
  • Tone Changes 变音现象
  • Pronouncing the Neutral Tone 轻声练习
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