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Join 3 Days Bootcamp for Data Science & Analytics Training Course Singapore

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Ended last Sep 30, 2019
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Looking for an intensive, short-duration data science bootcamp?

Join us for Data Science & Analytics Training Course Singapore!

Our training is designed to help the individual gain in-depth knowledge on all the concepts of Data Science with Python, Machine Leaning and Data Science with R Programming from basics to advanced level techniques. You will also get an exposure to work on Tools and real-time industry based projects which are in line with Data Science Certification Exam. Enroll now and get certified in it.

Our Data Science Training Course is designed in such a way that you can join the course according to your knowledge. The course is divided in 3 level, that is:

First Day: Azure Machine Learning Course
Second Day: Data Science with R Programming
Third Day: Data Science Using Python

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Day1:- Azure Machine Learning Course Outline
Introduction To Machine Learning

This module introduces machine learning and discussed how algorithms and languages are used.

  • What is machine learning?
  • Introduction to machine learning algorithms.
  • Introduction to machine learning languages.
Introduction To Azure Machine Learning

Describe the purpose of Azure Machine Learning, and list the main features of Azure Machine Learning Studio.

  • Azure machine learning overview
  • Introduction to Azure machine learning studio
  • Developing and hosting Azure machine learning applications
Managing Data Sets

At the end of this module the student will be able to explore various types of data in Azure machine learning.

  • Categorizing your data
  • Importing data to Azure machine learning
  • Exploring and transforming data in Azure machine learning
Building Azure Machine Learning Models

This module describes how to use regression algorithms and neural networks with Azure machine learning.

  • Azure machine learning workflows
  • Using regression algorithms
  • Using neural networks
Using Azure Machine Learning Models

This module explores how to provide end users with Azure machine learning
services, and how to share data generated from Azure machine learning models.

  • Deploying and publishing models
  • Consuming Experiments
  Day2:- Data Science with R Programming Course Outline
Introduction To R
  • Using the R console
  • Learning about the environment
  • Writing and executing scripts
  • Object oriented programming
  • Installing packages
  • Working directory
  • Saving your work
Variable Types And Data Structures
  • Variables and assignment
  • Data types
  • Numeric, character, boolean, and factors
  • Data structures
  • Vectors, matrices, arrays,
  • Assigning new values
  • Viewing data and summaries
Base Graphics System In R
  • Scatterplots, histograms, barcharts, box and whiskers, dotplots
  • Labels, legends, titles, axes
  • Exporting graphics to different formats
General Linear Regression
  • Linear and logistic models
  • Regression plots
  • Interaction in regression
Day3:-Data Science using Python Course Outline
Introduction To Python
  • Python History
  • Users of Python
  • Installing Python
  • Installing IDE
  • Numbers
  • Sequences
  • File
  • Tuples
  • Dictionaries
Data Science Introduction
  • Why Python for Data Science
  • Popular packages
  • Use cases
  • Popular Libraries
  • Panda
  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib
  • Scikit-learn


No. of Days: 3
No. of Participants: 20
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