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Hand Drawing for Interior Designer

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Interior designers develop their ideas from relationship diagrams into floor plans and then into perspective drawings to show clients. This course will focus on drawing up a room or space. 

Through tutorials and demonstrations, you will learn how to produce quick freehand sketches of your design ideas, as well as exploring a range of different rendering techniques.

Click here to find out more: https://sthua.edu.sg/design/graphics-design/hand-drawing-interior-designer/


  • Materials and Tools to Use when Drawing
    • Materials overview
    • Pencils
    • Paper
    • Erasers
    • The picture plane and other materials
  • The Theory behind Drawing
    • Pre-instruction drawing of a cup
    • Introduction to the theory of drawing
    • Seeing like an artist
    • Using a scale ruler and templates
  • The Importance of Line
    • The use of line
    • Framing your composition
    • Upside-down drawing
    • Why use a picture plane?
    • Preparation of the picture plane
    • Using the picture plane
    • Line weights and adding texture
    • Architectural lettering
    • Complete house floor plan
  • Value and Tone
    • How to get the best tone from your pencils
    • Using a value strip
    • Creating contrast
    • Our first tonal-ground study
  • Negative Space and Simple Composition
    • Introducing negative space
    • Negative space
    • The relationship between objects
    • Using negative space to create powerful compositions
  • Perspective without Pain
    • Scale and using a unit of measurement
    • Simple perspective
    • Viewpoint and understanding angles
    • Isometric perspective
    • Why 3-Point perspective doesn’t work
    • Benefits of two-point perspective
    • Preliminary sketches for a living room
  • Architectural Drafting and Perspective Drawing
    • Architectural drafting based on industrial practices, standards and legends in professional application
    • Concept and techniques in constructing one-point and two-point perspectives
    • Renderings for visualizing interior space and architectural structures
  • Light Logic & Colour Rendering
    • How light and shadows work
    • Creating form with shadows and light
    • Using different textures of materials in your drawing
    • Adding colour to the couch to create shiny leather
    • Rendering soft and shiny textures
  • Interior and Architectural Rendering
    • Preliminary Furniture Plans on a Floor Plan
    • Perspective drawings by applying projection methods and monotone renderings
    • Rendered with mixed media including markers, colour pencils, pastel and water colour
  • Design Projects
    • Starting elevation for the kitchen
    • Full rendering elevation of the kitchen
    • Two-point perspective for kitchen
    • Transfer line and heights
    • Finishing the rendering using canson Paper
    • Creating chrome and colour reflections


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St.Hua Private School is established in 1997 by a group of experienced graduates from recognized universities such as National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Additionally, most of our courses are subsidized by SkillsFuture credit, an initiative offered by the Singapore Government to upgrade Singapore Citizens’ skills by providing each citizen with $500 in funding to partake any eligible course they wish.

Ultimately, we aim to ensure that students are better equipped with the necessary skill sets to meet the requirements of society, to prepare them for the workforce and to enhance and elevate current workers’ skills so that they can better fit their current job and propel them to further heights in Singapore society.

Furthermore, St.Hua Private School is recognized and accepted by CPE (Council of Private Education) to practice as a private school from 9th January 2017 to 8th January 2021.

St. Hua Private School
131 Jurong Gateway Road #04-241, Singapore, Singapore 600131
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