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Nutrition Talk: Kitchen Makeover

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This talk guides participants on how to change their lifestyle by changing their environment. Setting themselves up for a healthy life starts from home, and what they have in their kitchen either help them to become healthier or put them at risk of consuming food their body does not need. Participants will benefit from:
• Reducing foods that do not help them in their health goals
• Consume food that is healthier to their bodies better
• Position convenient equipment at home to help them save time

This talk teaches participants to learn how to strategically set their kitchen up by:
• Introducing essential kitchen equipment
• Setting up criteria to help decide what type to food to keep, throw or negotiate
• Create a shopping list to stock food up
• Identify food to reduce or avoid keeping at home
• Position food to help set individuals up for success

The group discussion allows participants to simulate kitchen makeovers as a group so that they can have a feel of how to perform a makeover for their own house, which then translates to practical skills when they return to their own kitchens.

The venue is flexible, we can conduct the class in your office, either in a room or hall, equipped with a projector and seats. A whiteboard will be preferred but not required.
We will liaise with you to arrange:
- Date and time
- Venues and other details

We also design and customize group programs for any corporate, marketing or internal events, which can be a combination of various types of fitness classes over a few sessions.

You can get funded rates (up to 70% off health programs) if you are an SME in Singapore with:
- A Unique Entity Number (UEN)
- Not more than 200 employees OR
- Not more than S$100 million annual sales turnover

Drop us an email at [email protected] or whatsapp us at +65 87501937.


Apr 16, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019
Total Hours: 1
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