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Splashing Fun Swimming Lessons For Age 2 & Above

Young children learn to swim better in a happy environment, that is why they should come to Happy Fish. Introducing swimming to your young children helps them to prepare for proper swimming and leads them to healthy lifestyle! More importantly, it can help save lives. We are aware of their needs as well as their attention span. Having classes with a shorter duration can improve their focus and develop a willing to learn attitude. Furthermore, a smaller class size would ensure that equal attention is given to each of them.


It’s ideal to cultivate a positive attitude when young. By providing your child with swimming lessons, it can teach them to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is important as kids tend to pick things up when they are young. By teaching them to lead a healthy lifestyle from young, it helps to develop a positive character in the future.

Child’s Experience

Our toddler aquatic specialists are committed to ensure a comfortable learning experience for you and your child. We have specially designed our syllabus in a step by step manner to cater to young children’s ability. For parents who prefer a more personal class, they have the option of choosing a private lesson. This gives your child full attention for 30 minutes. On the other hand, for parents who prefer their child to share the joy and experience with other toddlers, the group lessons awaits them!

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Happy Fish Swim School was formed since 2007. We offer swimming lessons for people of all ages and standards. The mission of the school is to equip all Singaporeans with swimming skills. We started out with merely 1 swimming instructor, but has grown to 250 instructors in just 2 years. Happy Fish Swim School has received countless positive feedbacks and testimonials. We were even featured in Magazines and Newspaper articles many times.

Through a short survey, we discovered that 7 out of 10 Singaporeans do not have proper swimming knowledge. This is why Singapore held a high drowning rate. We saw people drown during boating, fishing, water activities and even picking up a handphone. Thus, we wanted do our part to prevent all these accidents from occurring by providing effective swimming lessons only by certified instructors to ensure safety as well as an enjoyable learning experience.

Happy Fish Swim School
Blk 134 Jurong Gateway Road #04-309Q, Singapore 600134
+65 6589 8650
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