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SkillsFuture Course

This training course will teach you the essential tools and modeling techniques to design efficiently in SOLIDWORKS—the world's leading CAD software for product design and development.


Module 1. Introduction to SOLIDWORKS

  • Launching SOLIDWORKS for the first time
  • Navigating in the 3D workspace
  • SOLIDWORKS templates
  • Saving, renaming, and managing files

Module 2. SOLIDWORKS Quick Start

  • Creating your first 3D part
  • Building your first assembly
  • Making your first CAD drawing
  • Basic steps for 3D modeling

Module 3. Basic Part Modeling

  • Creating sketches
  • Understanding relationships
  • Using the Extrude feature
  • Using the Extruded Cut feature
  • Creating revolved features
  • Making revolved cuts
  • Applying materials, colors, and backgrounds
  • Finding mass properties
  • System options, units, and templates

Module 4. Sketch Tools

  • Line and Centerline tools
  • Using the Rectangle tool
  • Circles and arcs
  • Slots and ellipses
  • Sketching polygons
  • Creating text
  • Using equations and linked variables
  • Using the Spline tool

Module 5. Modifying Sketches

  • Trimming and extending portions of a sketch
  • Creating offset geometry
  • Moving, copying, and rotating elements
  • Erasing, undoing, and redoing actions
  • Using the Mirror tools
  • Creating repeating patterns in a sketch
  • Using construction lines to build robust sketches
  • Using the Convert Entities tool
  • Adding fillets and chamfers to sketches

Module 6. Reference Geometry

  • Working with planes
  • Making an axis
  • Creating a coordinate system

Module 7. Part Modifications

  • Adding fillets to a part
  • Chamfering edges
  • Applying draft
  • Using the Shell command
  • Using the Mirror command
  • Creating linear patterns
  • Creating circular patterns

Module 8. Advanced Part Modeling

  • Loft tool
  • Refining a lofted shape with guide curves
  • Making lofted cuts
  • Creating swept shapes
  • Making swept cuts
  • Using the Wrap command
  • Boundary boss and base
  • Intersect tool
  • Working with configurations

Module 9. Hole Wizard

  • Getting started with the Hole Wizard
  • Understanding hole types and standards
  • Positioning holes in 3D

Module 10. Blocks

  • Working with reusable sketches and blocks
  • Creating blocks
  • Designing with blocks

Module 11. Building Assemblies

  • Starting an assembly
  • Arranging, copying, moving, and rotating parts in assemblies
  • Mating parts together in an assembly
  • \Working with subassemblies
  • Making linear patterns
  • Creating circular patterns
  • Using the Toolbox
  • Downloading premade parts from the Internet

Module 12. Advanced Mates

  • Working with mate types
  • Mating parts with advanced mates
  • Mating parts with Path Mate
  • Mechanical mates
  • Mating parts by aligning planes

Module 13. In-Context Modeling

  • Linking sketches to other parts
  • Linking to layout sketches
  • Using the Hole Wizard in context

Module 14. Using Design Tables

  • Using design tables
  • Working with complex calculations
  • Selecting component configurations in an assembly
  • Building assemblies with design tables

Module 15. Part Drawings

  • Working with drawing templates
  • Setting up drawing options and sheet properties
  • Choosing the correct projection angle
  • Adding model views to a drawing

Module 16. Dimensioning

  • Creating general dimension notations
  • Creating ordinate dimensions
  • Dimensioning holes and curved features
  • Using the auto-dimension tools

Module 17. Adding General Annotations

  • Adding annotations
  • Adding additional views to your drawing
  • Adding custom properties
  • Linking drawing notes to custom properties

Module 18. Assembly Drawings

  • Adding assemblies to drawings
  • Including a bill of materials
  • Adding balloons to specify parts on an assembly drawing
  • Building an exploded view for an assembly drawing
  • Adding in custom properties and revision


Ruban Sundara Raj is is a Versatile Problem-solver with vast experience in design and development of, mechanical and electronics products and software application.

He has more over 2 and half years of experience in design and development of veterinary tissue sampling equipment, RFID animal and management tags, PCBA enclosures and conveyor systems. In addition to above stated He has experience in firmware development and Big data analytics using python, computer and android application development using Java

His is familiar with design tools such as SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD.

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