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SkillsFuture Course - After Effects CC Essential Training (Special Offer)

Delve into the world of motion graphics, keying, and compositing in After Effects CC. In this course, the trainer lays out six foundations for becoming proficient with After Effects, including concepts such as layers, keyframe animation, and working with 3D. To help you get up and running with the program, the course begins with a project-based chapter on creating an animated graphic bumper. Next, explore the role layers play in compositions and find out how to add style to your projects using effects and graphic elements. Last, see how to build 3D objects with CINEMA 4D Lite, as well as stabilize footage, solve for 3D cameras, and paint in graphics with the Reverse Stabilization feature.

Topics include:

  • Video terminology
  • Creating your first composition
  • Using layers, masks, blend modes, and track mattes
  • Parenting objects
  • Building complex objects with Pre-compose
  • Exploring the ray-traced 3D renderer
  • Understanding the order of effects
  • Creating 3D projects from Illustrator files
  • Lighting a scene
  • Animating type on a path
  • Using Keylight for green-screen footage
  • Rotoscoping


Module 1. The Fundamentals of After Effects

  • The six foundations of After Effects
  • Understanding compositions
  • Creating and manipulating layers
  • Building animation 
  • Working with effects
  • Introduction to 3D
  • Understanding how to render 

Module 2. Basic Operations

  • Importing elements
  • Organizing projects
  • Building compositions with layers 
  • Animating with keyframes
  • Adding effects and graphics 
  • Output techniques 

Module 3. Understanding Compositions

  • Exploring composition and project settings
  • Importing Photoshop files as compositions 
  • Importing Illustrator files as compositions 
  • Viewing files in the comp panel
  • Understanding Pre-compose
  • Positioning layers with snapping
  • Interpreting footage
  • Keyboard shortcuts for compositions 

Module 4. Building Compositions with Layers

  • Defining layers
  • Creating type layers
  • Precise typesetting techniques 
  • Creating layer solids and shapes with masks 
  • Creating design elements with shape layers
  • Layer compositing: Masks, switches, and blend modes 
  • Using track mattes
  • Precise compositing with variable-width feathered masks
  • Working smarter by swapping layers
  • Keyboard shortcuts for layers

Module 5. Creating Animation

  • Understanding animation 
  • Adding and adjusting keyframes
  • Understanding keyframe interpolation
  • Adjusting keyframes in the Graph Editor 
  • The power of parenting
  • Using null objects 
  • Creating expressions with the pick whip
  • Creating and adjusting motion paths
  • Building complex graphics with Pre-compose
  • Preparing audio for animation 
  • Generating graphics with audio
  • Working smarter: Navigating the Timeline

Module 6. Using Effects

  • Understanding the order of effects
  • Generating backgrounds with effects
  • Generating a scribble effect
  • Animating strokes with effects 
  • Using adjustment layers
  • Adding gradients and glows
  • Saving pan and scan presets 
  • Fixing exposure with Levels
  • Fixing color casts with Color Finesse
  • Masking individual effects

Module 7. Jumping into 3D

  • Understanding 3D in After Effects
  • Intro to cameras
  • Intro to cameras
  • Intro to lights and material options
  • Animating cameras
  • Creating depth of field
  • Exploring the ray-traced 3D rendere 

Module 8. Introducing CINEMA 4D Lite

  • Understanding CINEMA 4D Lite and After Effects 
  • 3D foundations 
  • Matching CINEMA 4D Lite and After Effects projects 
  • Understanding the CINEMA 4D Lite interface
  • Creating 3D projects from Illustrator files
  • Exploring modeling in CINEMA 4D Lite
  • Applying deformers 
  • Understanding materials
  • Lighting your scene
  • Looking at detailed materials
  • Working with presets (materials and lights
  • Animating in CINEMA 4D Lite 
  • Working with CINEWARE 
  • Render settings and the multipass workflow

SkillsFuture Credit Applicable for Individual

WDA Training Grant Applicable for Company

Course Code: CRS-N-0034751

For more details, please visit our website at 

https://www.tertiarycourses.com.sg/after-effects-cc-essential-training.html or contact us at [email protected]


Ariel Yap is a freelance broadcast motion designer for Eleven Sports Network, Ariel is well versed in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Autodesk Maya. Having worked with FOX, Ochre Pictures and Critica, her skills include Motion Design, Compositing, Illustration and Graphics Design in both 2D and 3D. Some of her past projects include Eleven Sports' Euro Cup 2016, Channel 5's There Was A Time and Fox Sports' Wimbledon 2015 and Barclay's Premiere League 2015.

Special Offer

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