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Get started with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and learn everything you need to know in ONE day so that you can finish editing your video.

Course: 1-day Video Editing Course using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 for Beginners [in Singapore]

Fee: S$250

Claimable: SkillsFuture for individuals / PIC for companies (S$230 SkillsFuture Credit + S$20 Registration Fee)

This course is for Small businesses, corporates, and government agencies that purchased Adobe Premiere Pro and want their staff to start video editing quickly.

This course is not for people who want to work for MediaCorp or Hollywood.

From years of experience in teaching Videography and Video Editing classes, Adrian has developed a method that teaches the subject in a crystal clear and easy-to-follow manner. Many books and other classes sometimes try to show you too much, which may result in confusing you as a beginner.

Course Description

This Adobe Premiere Pro CC training course teaches you how to import footage, edit it, add effects, transitions, titles, music, and then export your complete video.

Designed for the absolute beginner and no previous editing experience is required.

You will start with the basics in Premiere Pro. Step by step, the course introduces you to the different tools you will use in your video editing, and how to apply them.

Working files are included with the lessons, allowing you to follow along with each lesson using the same files being demonstrated in class.

Some of the topics you will learn are; importing and managing media, adding and arranging clips, splitting, trimming, adding transitions, working with video effects, using layers, animating clips, using the title generator, audio edits, and effects, and of course, how to export your finished project.

By the time you have completed this 1-day Adobe Premiere Pro CC course, you will have an understanding of the tools and techniques available to get started with this video editing software.

You will be able to apply what you have learned to your own projects, and create outstanding content for your work!


  • Bring your own laptop (Mac or Windows) installed with Adobe Premiere Pro CC (older CS6 version is acceptable).
  • A minimum understanding of your laptop operating system, at least, the concept of copy/paste, files/folders and save/delete functions.

You Will Get

  • Digital course notes and slides
  • Complimentary ebook PDF guide
  • Working files; including backgrounds, music and sound effects
  • Printed worksheets and checklists
  • Online access to instructor after the course

Target Audience

  • Business Owners, Marketing Professionals, Trainers, and Public Speakers.
  • Small Businesses, Multinational Corporates, Government Agencies and Education Institutes.
  • People who want to make social videos, marketing videos, and training videos.


In this 1-day (8 hours) hands-on video editing workshop, you will discover:

  • Editing in Premiere Pro: the fast-track approach
  • Setting up a project and a sequence
  • Importing and organising media
  • Marking and selecting the best takes from clips
  • Performing insert, overwrite and replace edits
  • Trimming, splitting, moving, and deleting clips
  • Applying transitions, effects, and filters
  • Creating titles and texts
  • Understanding layers
  • Audio editing and mixing
  • Recording voice-overs
  • Changing clip speed
  • Colour correction
  • Green screen or chroma key effect
  • Multi-cam editing techniques
  • Exporting your final project

Favourite topics among participants are green screen keying, clip animating and exporting to YouTube and Facebook in the best quality.

You will be practising on an actual project, and as we progress, you will learn more and more tools which will be explained in detail.

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Adrian Lee, the Founder of VideoLane.com, has been involved in the business of capturing events on video since 1998.


Before getting into the video production business, he has been interested in all things audio-visual since he started out as an electronics technician dealing with hardware such as television and computers.


He has since progressed into the vocation of serving Multinational Companies and Government Agencies in Singapore, by recording and producing seminar videos, event videos and corporate videos.


Adrian has a YouTube channel about Videography tutorials that garnered over a million views.


Combining his expertise in professional Videography and experience in web video production, Adrian now teaches his skills to aspiring Video Makers in the form of hands-on workshops and online courses.

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