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The LCCI Diploma in Accounting course is a diploma program from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), awarded by Education Development International plc (EDI) with online assessment. The accounting skills imparted by this diploma course are valuable in the business sector.


The aims of the course is for the learners to use, at the end of the course, LCCI International Qualifications to support their applications for jobs, entry into higher education institutions and membership of ACCA,ICMA etc.
It is ideal for those who work or wish to work in advanced area of accounting, to forecast and control day-to-day activity.

  1. Accounting (Third level)(core)
  2. Cost & Management accounting (Third level)(core)
  3. Business statistics (Third level)(Elective)
  4. Advanced business calculation (Third level)(Elective)



The aims of this course is to enable learners to develop

  • an understanding of the basic principles underlying the recording of business transaction
  • the ability to apply the budgetary control & principles of decision making
  • the ability to prepare and interpret accounts for sole traders, partnerships, non-trading organisatons, limited companies and groups of companies in accordance with basic accounting conventions and current accounting practice.

The aims of this course is to enable learners to have

  • a knowledge and understanding of more advanced statistical technique
  • the ability to apply this knowledge and understanding in solving business problems
  • an understanding of quantitative information, descriptive statistics, forecasting, uncertainty and statistical inference

The aims of this course is to provide learners

  • an understanding of advanced aspects of processing of cost accounting information, including stock control
  • an understanding of :how cost accounting information can be used of for the purposes of short-term planning, control and decision making within business organization.
  • the ability to apply this understanding in a variety of business settings
  • an ability to critically analyse information for both short-term and long term decision making
  • an ability to use management accounting information for the purpose of planning and control of cash and other resources within business organization and an understanding of factors affecting the planning & control process
  • an awareness of how products costs can be ascertained using different cost methods

The aim of this course is to provide learners

  • a broad knowledge and understanding of advanced business calculations in relation to simple and compound interest, stock exchanges, business ownership, profitability and liquidity, investment appraisal, bankruptcy, depreciation of business assets and index numbers.
  • the ability to apply this knowledge and understanding in a business situation
  • a knowledge and understanding of related terminology

The course will be conducted over a period of 7-8 months for part-time study, depending on the number of subject taken.
Mondays to Sundays, Morning 9.30AM-12.30PM, Afternoon 2.00PM-5.00PM or Evening 7.00PM-10.00PM

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