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Lead with Service Vision Corporate Training

This program covers the knowledge and application skills in leading a team to deliver service excellence that is in line with the organization’s customer-focused strategy. It includes promoting a customer-centric environment and analyzing the team’s performance to identify areas of improvement.

How You Will Benefit

When you apply what you have learned back at work, you will:

  • Lead your team to live out the vision, mission or values of your organization within your respective area of responsibility
  • Promote a customer-centric environment to influence your team to achieve service excellence

What You Will Learn

This program has been specially designed for you to:

  • Operationalize the vision, mission or values of your organization within your respective areas of responsibility
  • Analyze performance of team to identify follow-up actions for improvement
  • Recognize the value of working in a team to deliver the service vision to customers

Mapped to Service Excellence Competency Framework, Level 4 (Service Professional)

WSQ Lead with Service Vision

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