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This course is a hands-on tutorial on using .Net framework to build web applications. It introduces participants to C sharp, ASP .net and how to use c# and asp to build database driven web applications.

All participants are given a project to implement so that they learn how to put everything together to build web applications.

Knowledge of .Net 2.0 framework and ASP .Net is required as a pre-requisite to start the advanced Dotnet (3.5 & 4.0) course. Participants are taught the advanced framework components and how they reduce development and deployment time for applications development.

Later participants are run through the common pitfalls and methodologies run in commercial projects. Finally participants are given a project to implement and understand their newly learnt skills.


Module 1: Introduction to .NET Framework
 Introduction to .NET Framework
 .NET Framework Architecture
 Various components of .net framework and how       they interact together
 Building applications using the framework
Module 2: Getting Started
 Introduction to the Visual Studio IDE
 Data Types
 Creating a Strings
 Simple Website
Module 3: .NET Framework 2.0 Details
 Understanding CLR, CTS, CLS and BCL
 Memory Managements and Object Life cycle
 Exploring Assembly Manifest
 Metadata, Namespace and Types
Module 4: C#.NET
 C# .NET Language Fundamentals
 Object Oriented Programming with C#.NET,       Assemblies
 Understanding structured Exception Handling
 Working with Interfaces
 Collections and Generics
 Delegates and Events
 Indexers, operators and pointers
 Working with Win forms and User Controls.
Module 5: ASP.NET - Server Controls
 ASP.NET 2.0 Features
 Navigation Controls
 Database Controls ADO.NET Objects
 Introduction to Data-bound Controls
 HTML Controls
 Web Controls
Module 6: ASP.NET - Events
 ASP.NET - Event Handlers
Module 7: ASP.NET Forms
 ASP.NET Forms
 ASP.NET View State
 ASP.NET Web Forms
 Submitting a Form
Module 8: ASP.NET Database & Master pages
 .NET DB Connection
 ASP.NET Master Pages
 2.0 Navigation
 Accessing Databases
 Data Access Components
 Data Binding
 The ADO.NET Classes in Action
 Data Binding
Module 9: ASP.NET Binding
 Data Binding
 Array List
 Hash table
 Sorted List
 XML Files
 asp: Repeater & asp: DataList
Module 10: Login and Web Parts
 Login Controls
 Web Parts Controls
 Overview of Web part Control
 Creating Simple web part pages
 Master Pages and Themes
 ASP.NET Web Services
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