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Webinar on Rethinking Accountability: How to Hold Others Accountable

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Learn about leadership and workplace accountability and culture change for yourself and your organization through our complimentary webinars based on the bestselling leadership and management books by Roger Connors and Tom Smith - The Oz Principle, How Did That Happen and Change the Culture, Change the Game.


Some topics we will be talking about:

  • Why Accountability
  • The Oz Principle
  • How Accountability Helps Individuals and Organizations Achieve Key Results
  • Steps to Accountability®
  • Be a more accountable leader
  • Hold others accountable for results
  • Create an accountable team
  • Better manage unmet expectations
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GLIDES Consulting Partners Pte Ltd practices and delivers customised executive coaching and leadership development to corporations and individuals.

Today, we have 2 managing partners within the company delivering services of executive coaching, leadership development, and training facilitations to clients. Our consulting partners design and deliver customised solutions specifically for client’s unique needs.

Our partners are independent consultants, coaches and facilitators who share the GLIDES mission. Each manages his/her unique set of clients to provide complementary skills and services to the clients.

Our managing partners (aka consultants, facilitators or coaches) were senior executives in multinationals corporations in their previous jobs. We consider ourselves as seasoned, battle-scared ex-Commanders. We use these battle experiences and stories to help executives connect theory to reality so they can be better leaders today.

Our mission is defined in the company name GLIDES:

Growing Leaders’ Insights through Development and Enhancement of Skills

This is delivered through Coaching, Accountability Training® and Team Transformation.

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