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AI in Digital Marketing - Mastery Course - 10 weeks

Online Certification by  Xaltius Academy
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Online / Certification
Nov 25, 2023 - Jan 28, 2024
SGD  129.99


Welcome to the AI-Powered Digital Marketing Mastery Course, where innovation meets marketing excellence! Discover the limitless potential of leveraging artificial intelligence to transform your digital marketing strategies into unparalleled success. With this comprehensive course, you’ll unlock the secrets to harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies, data-driven insights, and automation techniques that will revolutionize your marketing campaigns.

About AI-Powered Digital Marketing Mastery Course
Are you looking to elevate your digital marketing strategies to new heights? Welcome to the AI-Powered Digital Marketing Mastery Course, where innovation and marketing excellence converge. Our comprehensive program empowers you to unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing your marketing campaigns.

In this cutting-edge course, we delve into the world of AI-driven marketing, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. By leveraging AI technologies, data-driven insights, and automation techniques, you’ll discover how to transform your marketing efforts into unprecedented success.


1. Introduction to AI in Digital Marketing
2. AI-Powered Data Analysis and Insights
3. Personalization and Customer Experience
4. AI for Social Media Marketing
5. AI and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
6. AI Enabled Advertising and Conversion Optimization
7. AI Driven Email Marketing and Automation
8. AI Enhanced Content Creation and Optimization
9. AI Analytics and Reporting
10. Future Trends and Innovations in AI Marketing


Nov 25, 2023 - Jan 28, 2024
Sat 04:00 PM — 06:00 PM
Sun 04:00 PM — 06:00 PM
Online Live
Platform: Zoom
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Xaltius is a technology and data-driven company with the expertise to provide innovative software solutions and training to customers around the globe. We work to revamp and refine business potential, driving business excellence. As a maturing, tech-based company at heart, we are driven by the ever-changing dynamics of digitalization to provide personalized software solutions elevating business capabilities. Alongside our counterparts, we offer retail and corporate training in the fields of data analytics, data science, big data, and cloud technologies and have been actively doing that in Singapore since inception.

We are a diverse and value-driven team of knowledgeable and talented individuals, focusing entirely on achieving outstanding customer satisfaction. Being a young and fast-moving team, open-mindedness and flexibility define us. We strongly believe in educating and inspiring interested adult learners through our training sessions and are looking for enthusiastic and futuristic clients to collaborate with on IT projects. 

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