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Historically diving system audits have been carried out as part of a semi routine or sporadic 'as required' process. In today's industry, there is an increasing requirement to manage high risk work activities and where the aim is for Health and Safety excellence by both contractors and clients - a stricter regime for compliance and verification of diving equipment, diving systems and their components are being implemented. The competence of the personnel who are involved in the assurance process has been identified by IMCA as a requirement for formal auditing training needed as a means to demonstrate a level of competence suited to the field of auditing. This demonstration is more than the technical knowledge which is a pre-requisite, it includes understanding the assurance criteria along with the supporting documentation, interpretation and evaluation, communication and report writing skills. IMCA has now launched the Diving System Inspection Scheme that recognises personnel who meet the full criteria as a IMCA Diving System Inspector.

This intensive online course has been developed to meet the requirements outlined of IMCA Diving System Inspectors accreditation scheme and will introduce industry personnel to the principles of the Diving System and equipment inspection requirements and processes. This will include a comprehensive review of IMCA diving inspection requirements and guidelines. The course has been designed to provide potential diving system inspectors with the academic competence required to understand and interpret the diving equipment requirements, along with a detailed understanding of the inspection structure and the methodology of conducting the inspection process.


To enable delegates to understand the methodology, assurance protocols, processes and expectations required in the diving system and associated equipment inspection process. This will necessitate a review of a suite of IMCA documents created for this process.

  • Why should there be a diving system inspection process?
  • What does the inspection process consist of? Is it solely an audit of the equipment or more?
  • What are the benefits of implementing the diving system inspection process? Inhouse, third party; prior to project, at project commencement and post project completion.
  • Inspection/Audit Methodology
  • Who conducts the inspection, when, where and how many people?

              - IMCA Diving System Inspection Scheme
              - The Role of the Inspection Team
              - Planning & Preparation for the inspection process
              - Certification and Planned Maintenance Systems requirements
              - Diving System Inspection Protocols - IMCA Documentation and supporting guidance requirements
              - Conducting the system/equipment inspection
              - Documentation review – certification; PMS and levels of data required
              - Case studies Surface Supplied Air Diving System
              - Case studies Saturation Diving systems
              - PLC Diving systems – assurance update for new diving system technology
              - The Diving System and ROV System Assurance Report
              - Risk Management of the assurance process

Course Delivery

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