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Digital Marketing Essentials Course

Online Certification by  Equinet
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About This Course
  • You will delve into the fundamentals of digital marketing, from what it is, to why it’s important, and even how you can build your own digital marketing funnel
  • Get introduced to six digital marketing strategies and understand how your business can stand to benefit from them
  • The digital marketing strategies you will be exposed to are: digital marketing strategy, content marketing strategy, search engine optimisation strategy, digital advertising strategy, social media marketing strategy, and email marketing strategy
  • On top of this, you will be introduced to Google Analytics in the digital marketing analytics learning unit. You will be equipped with the knowledge of how to convert your website data into actionable insights, and better your digital marketing campaigns as a result.
  • This class is packaged into digestible, bite-sized lessons to make knowledge and skills acquisition more effective


Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Channels– Websites and Search
  • Digital Marketing Channels– Social Media and Referral Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Channels– Email Marketing and Marketing Automation
  • Digital Marketing Channels– Display and Mobile
  • What Are B2B and B2C Digital Marketing?
  • The Real Life Impact of Digital Marketing Through Case Studies
  • What Is The Job Scope of Digital Marketers?
Digital Marketing Funnels
  • Introduction to Customer Personas
  • How To Craft Your Customer Personas
  • What Is A Digital Marketing Funnel and How To Build One
Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Developing a Digital Marketing Strategic Plan
  • Implementation, Evaluation, and Optimisation
  • Designing and Developing a Content Marketing Strategy
  • Deploying and Decoding a Content Marketing Strategy
  • Introduction to SEO Strategy
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Introduction to Digital Advertising Strategy
  • Digital Advertising Strategy: Research and Define
  • Digital Advertising Strategy: Implement and Optimise
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy: Define and Develop
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy: Deliver, Measure, and Manage
  • Introduction to Email Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy: The Remaining Steps
Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Setting Up Your Analytics Tag with GTM
  • Overview Reports on GA


May 26, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022
Daily 12:00 AM — 11:00 PM
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We first opened our doors in March of 2013 in Singapore, where our academic institution, Equinet Academy, currently resides.

Our team of dedicated trainers are all experienced, active practitioners, and industry veterans who hold senior roles in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is extremely important in today’s digital economy – our mission is to equip businesses with competent marketing personnel, improve their productivity, innovation, and maximise returns across all industry sectors.

We are carrying out our vital role in the digital marketing transformation across industries in these regions by delivering hands-on, comprehensive, outcome-focused training programmes designed by experts.

At Equinet, we deliver more than high quality courses – we are committed to the success of our trainees. This means that we’ll remain available to them for the entirety of their careers through comprehensive post-training support initiatives.

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